Our Creator

The world is under a common misconception, we are building our own perception. Blinded by the devil's deception.

We try to fit God in our lives, when are we going to realize? We are building our own demise. God intended to be the foundation, not some puzzle piece in your own creation.

We wonder why the world is full of pain, God promised a life of gain. But we misinterpret, the word of God a bit.

God said My plans for you are plans of prosperity, all you need to do is follow me. But no we rather build our own palace, and then we wonder why our books don't balance.

As a child we had a fire, a burning desire as an attire. All we have left is our broken story, because we prayed for our own glory.

We need to reignite our fire, the fire God gave us as an attire. We need to pray for our eyes to see, the plans God has for you and me.

When we utilize this power, we can turn anything into a wonderful flower. We need that spark, to help others see the light in the dark.

Don't follow the path of least resistance, no go the distance. Show persistence, and dwell in God's presence.

We need to drink from God's fountain, and scream from the top of the highest mountain: God is my life's foundation, and I am an amazing creation.


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