Islam and the Preconditions of Intelligibility | Can Islam be True?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

In order for Islam to be the true worldview or religion it has to be able to provide a justification for the ENTIRE WEB of preconditions of intelligibility since these preconditions operate together in unity and are so fundamental and necessary for human intelligible experience. The preconditions of intelligibility are:

  1. Laws of logic

  2. Existence of Truth

  3. Meanings Behind Words

  4. The One and the Many / Diversity & Unity

  5. Ethics

  6. Uniformity of nature

  7. Reliability of the senses

  8. Validity of reasoning

  9. Existence of the self

  10. Time.

If Islam cannot justify at least one of these preconditions then it cannot justify the rest of the preconditions. The whole web would fall apart, which means that Islam cannot be true.

Muslims believe in a unitarian god known as Allah and believes the Quran is the word of God. If Allah is the basis for the laws of logic then he must show himself to be logical. In the Quran, the word of Allah mistakenly made a straw-man fallacy on the view of the Trinity by claiming that Christians worship three gods (See: Surah 4:171; 5:73). It also makes the straw-man that Christians believe Mary is a god and is a member of the Trinity (See: Surah 5:116; 5:17; Tafsir al-Jalalayn on Surah 4:171). Since committing a straw-man fallacy is a violation of the laws of logic, Allah cannot be the source of the laws of logic. And since Islam can't account for the laws of logic, Islam have torn the entire web of preconditions of intelligibility, which means the entire Islamic faith is destroyed. This is how serious and devastating these preconditions are.

Even even if a Muslim tries to slither around this issue they still have a problem. Allah is only a unitarian god, so his nature is unity alone. Laws of logic presupposes the existence of diversity and unity, which is another precondition. Ex. There are different laws of logic (diversity) but they are all interdependent as one (unity). The reality of diversity and unity are eternal. You cannot have unity without diversity or diversity without unity. Allah cannot be the basis for the eternality of diversity and unity since Allah's nature is only unity. Only the Trinity can account for this. This means it is logically impossible for Allah to exist.

Allah also cannot account for ethics, since ethics assumes interpersonal relationships. While the members of the Christian Trinity had eternal communion and interpersonal relationships, Allah is a unitarian god and has not had interpersonal relationships for eternity.

This is clear evidence that the Islamic faith is reduced to absurdity and that Mohammad tried to limit God to his own understanding, not realising that by limiting God to his own understanding, the preconditions of intelligibility (that are so fundamental) poses a serious problem to the whole of Islam.


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