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A Critical Analysis of Maxwell and Icke

Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. (Matthew 24:4-5 NIV).

Jordan Maxwell (his real name is Russell Pine) and David Icke have been the frontmen of the Conspirator Truth Movement. This movement is an unofficial movement claiming that all institutions from the school to the church have been infiltrated and corrupted by secret societies. It is important to note that both Maxwell and Icke have made some very important points regarding corruption on government level. Icke has been known to expose certain British politicians as paedophiles and in that regard one should be very grateful to him. Maxwell has been known to convey a lot of knowledge about the inner workings and functioning of the Illuminati. He has also been known to be a very harsh critic of the Vatican and for that one should also be grateful to him. But here is the primary problem: both Maxwell and Icke have a problem with the Bible and reject Jesus Christ.

1. Jordan Maxwell

Maxwell in an interview with the New Age artist and video blogger, TruthSeekah on August 14th 2007, clearly stated that he firmly believes that Jesus Christ is simply a metaphor. Maxwell has also been known to be a follower of occult authors like Manley P. Hall and Helena Blavatsky. The fact that Maxwell is a supporter of Hall and Blavatsky is concrete evidence of the fact that he is influenced by unbiblical occult sources. Ironically when a listener phoned in on TruthSeekah’s channel and asked Maxwell about Blavatsky, Maxwell got very agitated when the caller called him a “fan of Blavatsky’s work”. Maxwell claims that he is not a supporter of Blavatsky, but when one looks at previous interviews with Maxwell, it is clear that he has time and time again praised Blavatsky as one of the most important authors of the 20th century.

Maxwell also makes a habit of praising himself as someone who has been doing research for 56 years. Although that is something to be proud of, he constantly uses it as an excuse to attack those that are critical of his work. He goes to great lengths calling his critics “airheads”. It seems that he is quite fond of using arrogance and pride as weapons to defend himself. When one looks at Maxwell’s perspective of Jesus Christ simply being a metaphor, it is quite obvious that he would be fond of using arrogance and pride. Jesus was known to be very harsh in his critique of the Sanhedrin. One of the primary reasons He had a lot of heated arguments with them was because of their pride and arrogance. Love and humility are two aspects that have always been very important to Jesus Christ.

In another Youtube-interview with the channel AlphaZebra on May 24th 2010 Maxwell went to great length to tell about his experiences with “extra-terrestrial” beings. He also told about his experiences as a spiritual medium doing what is known in the occult world as “spiritual channelling”. It is not a case of Maxwell being a former occultist who broke away from the occult to follow the straight and narrow path. On the contrary, Maxwell takes pride in doing spiritual channelling just as he takes pride in having great reverence for both Hall and Blavatsky.

The main arguments that Maxwell have uttered in various interviews in order to discredit Christianity, are the following:

1. Christians worship the Egyptian god Amun-Ra. That is why they say “amen” at the end of a prayer. “Amen” is simply a variation of “Amun”. This is utter nonsense that Maxwell learnt from the occult writings of Manley P. Hall. The truth is that “amen” means “so be it”. It comes from the Hebrew word āmēn which simply means “truth” or “certainty”.

2. Jesus is called “the risen Saviour”, but this indicates that He is simply a metaphor for the sun. Should the sun not come up in the morning, we would all die and that is why the sun is in fact “the risen Saviour”. This is probably the best example of Maxwell deliberately mixing lies in order to fit his dark agenda. Maxwell is clearly influenced by ancient Egyptian occultism wherein it was stated that the sun god Ra drives a chariot from the eastern sky to the western sky during daytime. It also relates to the worship of the Egyptian god Horus who was a false messiah, just like Tammuz from Babylonian occultism.

3. Christians believe that Genesis 1 says “In the beginning God...”, but that is not what the original text says. It actually says “In the beginning the gods...”. This is an outrageous claim that Maxwell makes and he has absolutely no concrete evidence that the original Biblical text says “In the beginning the gods...”.

4. The manna that God provided to the Israelites in the desert was actually a hallucinogenic drug equivalent to magic mushrooms. That is why the Israelites had all these strange experiences and worshipped strange idols. This is yet another outrageous claim by Maxwell. It is totally ludicrous and personally I don’t even think it is worth going into.

It seems as if Maxwell is portraying himself as some kind of a righteous lover of truth who takes pride in his knowledge of astro-theology, secret societies, extra-terrestrial beings etc. Maxwell is missing the point. First of all he rejects Jesus Christ as the one true Messiah. This implies that he is in fact also rejecting God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Secondly, when Maxwell is speaking about God he seems to believe in the gnostic idea of God being a mysterious entity that distanced him from mankind and is filled with apathy. This is in direct conflict with John 3:16 where it is unequivocally stated that God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son to die on the cross and ascend to heaven so that we may have eternal life. God is mysterious, because He is almighty and we will never be able to fully comprehend the true ontology of His Being, but He is not filled with apathy towards the human condition.

2. David Icke

Somewhere around 1991 David Icke called himself “Son of the Godhead”. He claimed that he was a messiah and that he needed to warn the world about various dangers. He also made the same ridiculous statement on a BBC television show called Wogan. One could write a whole postgraduate thesis debunking Icke in full detail, but the fact of the matter is: Icke’s whole (dark) agenda can be summed up by focusing on him claiming to be Christ.

Jesus Christ clearly warned about anyone claiming to be the Messiah. Icke has used this messiah-complex to construct a whole solipsistic philosophy. He claims that everything we see around us is one huge illusion. Furthermore, Icke claims that every individual human being is in fact a phantom and that we need to find our true form. This sounds like some Platonic theory mixed with solipsism and a wide variety of philosophical ideas from the New Age Movement. Subsequently Icke states that Jesus Christ never existed and that mankind is the experiment of some cold and cruel alien race called “The Reptilians” or “The Archons”. According to Icke the reptilians / archons constructed a matrix system wherein mankind is trapped.

The first problem of Icke is his obvious solipsistic ideas. By claiming that everything outside of the individual mind is merely an illusion, is basically denying the creation. The intrinsic principle of solipsism is one of deifying the individual. In this 21st century where depression wreaks havoc all over the world, solipsism can be very dangerous. The solipsistic individual may come to a point where he or she realizes that there are no objective grounds on which their perspective is based. Such a realization may lead an already depressed soul to a spiritual void where he or she falls into a metaphorical bottomless pit. Obviously another problem with solipsism is the fact that all judiciary, ethical and moral values and systems are merely labelled as illusionary and therefor none of those will be accepted as external points of reference for the already confused individual. Being that disconnected with reality has a psychotic element embedded within it which can lead to very serious problems.

There is a deep irony embedded within Icke’s philosophy. He claims that everything outside the individual is an illusion, but at the same time he acknowledges the Godhead by claiming that it is a universal construct to which each and every human being belongs. Thus, Icke’s solipsism backfires upon him and leads to him embracing the idea of a divine entity to which everyone must return in order to escape the illusion which we call reality.

The universalism which Icke brings to the table is actually drenched in New Age philosophy. It is a typical New Age idea that every human being is on the right path and that nobody is actually wrong. It is some sort of an enlightenment-idea that the New Age propagates as some liberating philosophy that will supposedly erase all differences between the religions of the world.

Another irony embedded within Icke’s solipsism is the fact that he states with absolute confidence that there is an alien race (reptilians/archons) who are experimenting with human beings. If Icke is so sure that everything outside the individual mind is an illusion, how can he confirm the existence of these reptilian beings as an objective fact?

Furthermore, if Icke is so certain that everything external to the self is an illusion, why does he even bother to use social media like Facebook and Youtube in order to promote his ideas? Shouldn’t computers, internet, social media and everything that goes with it be seen as illusionary objects that have no intrinsic value to the supposed enlightened solipsist?

Icke has also been known to unequivocally state that he has had contact with spiritual mediums and that he has received messages from the spiritual world telling him that he should promote the ideas that he has been promoting since the late 20th century. As Christians we clearly know that the spiritual world is very dangerous and that the only way a Christian can approach the spiritual world is with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

There is a very good reason why the Bible warns against spiritism, necromancy, witchcraft etc.


Postmodernism has caused our 21st century world to be a place of chaos, uncertainty and, most problematic of all, a place where the Holy Trinity – God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit – are constantly blasphemed and denied. Authors like Maxwell and Icke do not help to remedy the chaos the world is in. The “truth” that they claim to be spreading is just one of many false gospels that forms part of the New World Order system of the Antichrist. Both Maxwell and Icke have written a lot of books and done a variety of interviews. But in the end it is easy to spot their primary problem: they deny Jesus Christ. And that is the key to understanding anybody’s philosophy: just find out what their opinion of Jesus Christ is. If they don’t accept Him as the one true living Messiah, they are on the wrong path and shouldn’t be taken seriously.


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14 мар.

I believe it's more nuanced than you suggest. Icke and Pane (aka Maxwell) do open eyes and act as a catalyst to seek further knowledge... to an extent. The best form of controlled opposition - plenty of truth, but the biggest lie embedded. However, modern Christianity bears little relevance to the teachings to of Yeshua. It's a Roman invention to opress and control, and basically invite "begging". Yeshua gave you the cosmic blueprint "the way", so he is indeed the Messiah, as he told you what you were and gave the path. Few get it and think servitude is serving a divine creator. The Roman church and all the spinoffs (most Protestant churches included) hide the true message, an…

Arne Verster
Arne Verster
19 мар.
Ответ пользователю

I don't think this is true at all. Read the Bible and the confessions of the church (specifically the Reformed confessions). There is nothing hidden.


21 нояб. 2023 г.

well said. Also Maxwell was the key proponent and originator of the absurd views of sovereign citizens, with his erroneous claims of secret bank accounts tied to social security numbers and that you can simply use a variety of legal sounding terms and phrases to avoid the legal system and establish yourself as a free man, not under the legal requirements of the state. those who have fallen for such nonsense have found themselves in great legal trouble, even with some being responsible for the murder of law enforcement officers. So his fruits are of darkness, despair, and ungodly deception. He is easily refuted regarding his objections to Christianity and biblical truth.

Arne Verster
Arne Verster
30 нояб. 2023 г.
Ответ пользователю



20 июл. 2022 г.

Very well said! Thank you for strengthening my faith in Christ!


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