9 Part Series on Sanctification Overview

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

This article will provide the overview for our 9 Part Series on Sanctification:

Part 1:

We that were supposed to mirror the glory of God in this world no longer have the moral ability to glorify God. So now for us to be able to glorify God our nature needs to be changed. We need to become a new creation and continually undergo change, that is sanctification. Being made holy is a continual process until we, the bride, can be reunited with the bridegroom who is Jesus Christ.

You can find it here.

In Part 2:

The bad/troubling circumstances we face in the world. You might be wondering how this relates to sanctification. Firstly, this part is included to ensure that, we can clearly see God’s love and grace for us and that we need not doubt it. To solidify the extent to which He loves us we will look at how He cares for us and our troubles we have here on earth. Secondly, troubling circumstances is also a means by which God changes us.

You can find it here.

Part 3:

Our identity as child of God, as the bride, as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Part 4:

What are some misconceptions on why we want to change.

Part 5:

What then is our reason for change?

Part 6:

Now knowing all of this we can have a look at how we are transformed:

1. The light of knowledge, that transforms us

Part 7:

Another 3 ways we are changed

2. We confuse religion for Christianity. Faith that changes
3. Alongside faith is always repentance (metanoian).
4. The Holy Spirit that changes us

Part 8:

5. Godly grief vs worldly grief
What is it that changes? The heart.

Part 9:

Psalm 16 The cry and longing of the changed heart
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