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Abraham Kuyper was a Dutch theologian, journalist, politician, and prime minister of the Netherlands. He was born in the Netherlands in 1837 and studied theology at the University of Leiden, where he was ordained as a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church.

Kuyper is best known for his contributions to the Reformed tradition of Christianity, particularly his development of the concept of "sphere sovereignty", which emphasizes the distinct roles and responsibilities of different institutions in society. He believed that the church, the state, the family, and other institutions each have a unique role to play in God's plan for the world, and that they should not interfere with or try to control each other.

Kuyper was also an active political figure and served as the prime minister of the Netherlands from 1901 to 1905. He was a strong advocate for religious freedom and the rights of religious minorities, and his political career was marked by a commitment to social justice and the protection of the rights of the poor and disadvantaged.

Kuyper died in 1920, but his theological and political writings continue to be widely read and influential in the Netherlands and beyond.

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Who was Abraham Kuyper?

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