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Panentheism is the belief that God is present in the world and is a part of everything in it, but is also separate and distinct from the world. This belief combines elements of both pantheism and theism, as it views God as both immanent (present in the world) and transcendent (beyond the world).

In contrast, pantheism is the belief that everything in the universe is part of a single, divine reality and that God and the world are essentially the same thing. Pantheists do not believe in a personal or separate God, but rather see the universe itself as divine and sacred.

Panentheism and pantheism are similar in that they both emphasize the unity of God and the world, but they differ in their view of the relationship between the two. Panentheism sees God as being present in and connected to the world, while pantheism sees the world and God as being identical. Panentheism also maintains a belief in a personal, conscious God, while pantheism tends to be more impersonal and may not necessarily involve the concept of a conscious divine being.

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What is Panentheism?

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